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AntWar io

Antwar io is a team game. Command means that we play not alone, but in a team, and we must create our own house for the ants together. Success depends on the cohesion of team action, and each player individually. We can either create our own colony, or join the existing colony.

How to play AntWar io

Our main task is to build our own large colony. A secondary task is the destruction of other anthills. To destroy another's colony, it is enough to kill the queen. Victory comes superfluous in this case, if we destroy all the nests around.

At the beginning of the game we must choose. We create our anthill, or we join that which already exists. If we play first ourselves, then we must choose a good place for our home.


A good place should be dark, warm and close to water. Indicators when choosing a location will prompt you. We must constantly support life in our colony, a team game, so you need to interact with other players. It is important to feed the queen!

Control in AntWar io

Click to move
Double click for action (take food, colonize)
Right click or Down button to open the main menu
Enter for chat

Alternate titles: Ant Var io, Ant War io, AntWar oi, AntWario