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battlepoint io

Battlepoint io

Battlepoint io new cool game in the Battle Royale mode. Mad music, cool performance, the game does not lag. is really cool game.

How to play

The first task is to find weapons. And the better the weapon, the easier it is for us to survive. The same idea as in Fortnite and PUGB. Well, if we stock up medkits and ammunition. Constantly you need to monitor the red zone, it is not desirable to fall, as our lives will quickly end. The server is designed for 40 people maximum, and the fight will go until the last.

IMPORTANT. Choose the server as close as possible to itself on the geographical principle. Otherwise, you can lay down a game. Grenades are needed to fight those who hid in the building or behind the barricade. And there are a lot of buildings on the Battlepoint map.

Control in Battlepoint io

Shoot with the click
G-to throw a grenade
E-to pick up the item
Click on the medicine chest to restore health
Right click - drop item 

Alternate titles: battlepoint-io,, Batlepoint oi, Battle point io