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 Games with Battle Royale regimes have reached such a popularity that they became a separate subgenre, even in spite of their "youth". However, this year, 2018, will be the first year when several serious online shooters will be released for survival to the very end, while already existing titles will continue to develop their formulas. Here, which Battle Royale games and modes will be available in 2018. Battle Royale games for weak PCs are those games in the genre of "royal battle", which you can play on medium and weak computers that have long fallen behind the technical progress. Games in the genre of the "royal battle" offer players active PvP-gameplay, where players are trapped in a certain territory, and are forced to fight each other, figuring out who will be the most survivable. The Royal Battle or Battle-Royale genre of video games is undoubtedly the most successful these days. With such popular games as Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown (PUBG) today, the genre has reached new heights, and now is really the best time to become a fan of survival games, that is, Battle Royale.