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Classic Snakes
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War Attack
War Attack

Combat Strike io
Combat Strike io a new game about throwing axes at the enemy. Pump your barbarian, break out the top and become the leader together with Bifrost io.

How to play

Our main task is to survive, and to survive it is necessary to kill, and to be cunning in the throwing of an ax. After the first murder, the game will give us the opportunity to choose a trade for your personage. Professions are only three, and we recommend you try everything, as they are different and have special skills. Play for everyone and then you will understand what kind of personage for you is optimal. We have an ax in hand, we throw it with one click, and with another click we return it back to our hands. Pass by other people's axes, which just roll around, they are very dangerous. We orient ourselves on the points on the mini map and throw them at the enemies, our ax flies very far Control in The persoage moves behind the mouse cursor. Left click to throw the ax, once again left click to return the ax to the hand. 

Alternative names: Bifrost io, Be frost io, Bifrost-oi, Bi