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Brutalmania game A new multiplayer game that many people already know. in its kind of game, similar games for this quite a bit.
 The meaning of this game is to take the first place on the map, and keep it as long as possible. For this, the game has a special table, in which you write your maximum record, your maximum killer, points and time. How to earn these same glasses? It's very simple, in this game there are three types of ways to spend coins. The first is the weapon. Each weapon has its own features, damage and attack speed. In total in the game, there are 23 types of weapons. The second is the character's pimple.
  With each level of hp your character gets bigger and bigger, up to the maximum level. In total, there are 16 kinds of characters in the game. By the way, if you bought for example 14 characters, then you can safely play for the very first character, will change. And the third way is to apache the level of the account.

brutalmania game.jpgbrutalmania game.jpgbrutalmania game.jpg

As for me, the most useless way to spend your coins. Because for 1 level, give only 5 hp and 1 damage. But, without a level, you can not open new characters. To open a new character, you need to have at least a minimum level of the account. How to play this game, and what advice can there be? To play this game you need only a mouse. On the left button of the mouse, a blow is made to move the character forward or backward, you need to drive the cursor in this direction. To accelerate, you need to press the right mouse button, and then your character will not go, but will run, which will allow you to escape or overtake the opponent.
  Just to raise the level in the game itself, you need to collect blood that drops out of the rivals, or is generated on the card itself. Tips: when the fight goes on, wait for the enemies to cripple each other, then start running up to their fight and in this way you can play a fight.
  Another tip, if you have a long weapon and you do not have enough HP, then if an opponent is chasing you, just run away from him and deal one blow at a time, and then run away again. Also for each game you are given coins, depending on how you played.