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Brutalmania io

Hi there. Brutalmania io is a fight online. And this is the most bloody and long-awaited game of late. We met with similar mechanics of games, but what is going on here is difficult to convey in words, constant fights, blood, and murders.

How to play

Our main task is to become the coolest in the arena, for this we must constantly fight, otherwise we will be moved from the first place. For the killing of players give gold, and a little more health. Under his hero we see strips of health, and the more strips we have, the stronger and we have more lives. We need to buy weapons, and the more expensive the better, we get gold for killing players, as well as in the store you can buy skins. Different weapons deal different damage and have a different recharge rate for a new hit. In addition to brute force in Brutalmania io, we must think with our heads, not just with our hands. The right click includes an acceleration booster that will help you catch up with the enemy and deal a decisive blow, or vice versa, escape from especially fierce batch. Acceleration and HP, is filled during rest. Between fights you need to pause, in order to replenish the health reserve, when replenished, immediately tear into the battle, because someone will take the first place, maybe it's you!

Control in brutalmania io

The character moves behind the cursor

Click to hit and Right click to accelerate