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Bumper io is a new i-game for mobile devices. 3d beautiful graphics and a new idea. You have to push other players, and who is better pushed to become the winner of the round. We fight online against other people from all over the world. The game does not last long, you just need to find out who the beagle of all is pushing and the round ends.

How to play Bumper.io?


To play simply, you just have to go to the opponent and push him into the water, and do not fall by yourself. After all, we are pushing someone, and so, at the same time, someone very much wants to push us. After you have pushed, your size will increase, and pushing small players will become easier.

UPD 27/08/2018

Here comes the day when the game came out on the desktop PC. For windows. We promised to add the game Bamper io to our site. And the download links for mobile versions are still relevant.

What is unique and interesting game. Bumper.io

Bumper-io- play online
  • • The idea of the game and its mechanics
  • • There is no infinity of the round, fell into the water we start all over again
  • • The game is available only on mobile devices, you can download it below.

Download for Android ------>Download

Download for IOs ------>Download