Counter Strike Battle Royale (Critical Combat)

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Counter Strike Battle Royale

Counter Strike Battle Royale is a new 3D shooter in the browser. In fact, there are practically no differences with the original game. There was a mode of Battle Royal. It turned out a very good game.

The game has more than 20 locations, the ability to change skins, put bombs. the meaning of the game is still the same. There is a war until complete destruction between terrorists and special forces. Players are divided into two teams. In the game, you can create a room for yourself or join existing ones. You can also select a location. Our goal is the elimination of all enemies.

Control in Counter Strike Battle Royale

  • 1-5 for weapon selection
  • WASD - traffic
  • G - installation of the bomb
  • T and Y for talking with players
  • C - lying
  • Spacebar - jumps
  • Shift-run