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Cthul io | Cthul.io i is a new game that quickly conquers the hearts of real gamers. In the game we need to constantly eat something similar to small meteorites, or rather we must suck out all the energy from them. But in this primitive broth you need to be very careful, because the enemies do not sleep. With the rise of the level, we can add new parts of the body, so we will evolve. And this game Cthulio is similar to all the famous game SPORE  Game access so far only on the android platform and it can be downloaded for your mobile android device at the link below. -------> Cthul io
As soon as the PC version of the game Cthul io is released, it will immediately appear on our website http://pc-mobile-games.com
Alternative names: Cthulio, kthul.io, Cthuloi, Kthul-oi.