Curve Fever

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Curve Fever

Curve Fever Pro

Curve Fever Pro is a multiplayer game in which you compete with 5 other players, in space rocket flights. Our goal is to draw the longest trace from the rocket, using 27 different forces, as well as jumps, shots.  The game has the ability to challenge your friends by creating your own room and sending your friends a link.

How to play Curve Fever Pro

For starters, we need to undergo an easy training. We will learn to jump, shoot, evade enemies, and it's all in 2 minutes. The game is very interesting, although not visually familiar.

Next, we choose our game or game with friends, if necessary we create a game room for friends. The ship can be equipped with two steps, like a real space rocket. Next, the game podbiruet players to our game room. To win it is not necessary to be the first one every time, the main thing is to perform well. After all, the game takes place in several stages, and for each stage, and the place that we take in it, we are given points.


Our goal is to survive between other spacecraft and their smoke tracks. To do this, boldly attack the enemies, set traps, think, and victory to you is an obligatory approach. GOOD LUCK.

Control in Curve Fever

Arrows on keyboard , or WASD control is simple, but peculiar