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Dominia io

Dominia Io is the RTS strategy with an open world. And the grooms fight on one big server that everyone can go at any moment.

How to play Dominia io ?

Our goal, as with any strategy, is to capture as many terrets as possible, and destroy enemies. By starting the game mod can connect any, it means that you need to be ready to protect the soybean land from new enemies, at any time. And maybe at once from a few.

In there are three main resources. It's food, gold and wood. All in strategy, for food, we need a farm, we have to cut down the forest for the extraction of the tree, and we will get the gold. It is also important to note that there are randomly scattered chests with resources on the map. Each of which contains one thousand random resources.

Control in Dominia io

WASD to move the view camera
Scroll to scale
Click to select / build / attack