Dominus 2 io

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Dominus 2 io

Dominus is a turn-based online strategy. A look at the new. Join and win against real rivals online.

How to play Dominus 2?

Our main task is to seize the leadership, and try to keep it as long as possible, at least 5 minutes. During the game you need to capture neutral cities and villages, and constantly improve and build an army. In this game you can not capture another's capital, you need to approach a foreign city and put your army next to it. So we subordinate the player to which we came. It is important to remember that foreign cities can be re-captured, and the number of soldiers available in the cities is always displayed in the city on which we click. The button "Create Army" sends soldiers into battle, you need to select the number of soldiers that we need.

In general, Dominus 2 io is an interesting online turn-based strategy. The fans of the strategy should like it. 

Alternative names: Dominus, Dominusio, Dominusoi, Dominus 2 oi