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Evowars io invites us to play io game in classical style. This is an arena where you have to measure strength with other players and become the coolest and strongest! How to play The main task in Evowars is to evolve to the most powerful level and then earn as many points as possible. In order to advance through the levels and become more powerful, you need to collect colored balls that are generously scattered across the field and kill other players. The more powerful player you kill, the more experience you will get. You start at Evowars io the simplest little man, but with each level your appearance will change to an increasingly formidable one, your volume will grow and the weapon will also increase. At maximum levels you will be beating over a really huge territory! But there is one nuance. Despite the level, your health at Evowarso is always one. This means that a newbie's attack can kill the most pumped up warrior. The higher your level, the longer the distance you can hit an opponent. But in the arsenal of all players there is an acceleration booster, with which you can quickly approach the enemy and strike. Enter the "Evolutions" menu. Here you will find improvements that will happen to you when you reach the levels. Some improvements require unlocking, such as making a repost. You can click on them, and then close the tab that opens. And improvement will be available!

Control in Evowars.io

The warrior moves behind the mouse
Right click to accelerate