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Gift Hunter io

fightz io is a classic Io style game

Fightz io

Fightz io is a multiplayer online shooter where for killing enemies, mobs and other players, players increase their level, craft new weapons and enter the top of the best. Play in Fights with friends and just with unfamiliar radiant gamers from around the world. Fightz io is simple but at the same time with its charm the game where players hunt animals and each other to rank at the top of the ranking.

How to play Fightz io?

The first and the main task of the player in Faitz Io is to become the best, or at least get to the top. First we need to hunt animals that do not respond to our attacks, and after their death leave a pea of experience with the help of which we swing. Collecting these peas you grow in level, you get a new weapon. Beginning with a player with a better weapon than you are very dangerous, so you have to constantly swing animals. The game is interesting with a lot of servers, and it also has a unique graphics and design. Sometimes in the game it turns out so that at a point the players start a mass brawl, such shuffles should be avoided, because the blows are pouring from all sides. In such a brawl, you can die even with the steepest weapon. Throughout the map there are blue circles of water, these large lakes very slow down walking and running, be alert.


Control in Fightz io

Character moves behind the cursor Click for shooting Right click to accelerate

Alternative names: Fightzio, Fightzoi, Fightz-io.