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Gartic io

We suggest you relax a little, spend time in the company of online players, desperately trying to reveal their dormant creativity. All this can be done in the game, online and for free.

This game is neither a shooter nor a runaway, but, nevertheless, enjoys immense popularity among users from all over the world. What is its secret? To answer this question, you need to go through at least one round of the game, and if you are lucky and you will be selected as the main player, you will definitely appreciate the development for good.

About game

Draw and win. Guess what others draw, and win too! That's all there is to know about the Gartic game. Despite the simplicity of the rules, entertainment can not be called boring, time will pass unnoticed, and the denouement sometimes happens very unexpectedly.

The progenitor of Gartic io is an old-good, Crocodile game that has been known since childhood. Do you remember its essence? One participant thinks of some other word, phenomenon or object, and the player should show it by gestures, not making no sound. The rest of the audience must guess the word.
Here everything also, just guessing words, or rather, giving a few to choose, you will be the game itself. If you are the presenter, you will have to choose the simplest and most understandable word for you and try to draw it on the game screen. The rest of the participants must guess what you are trying to portray. If no one guessed, your attempts failed, and you lost.
Not always, of course, you will be leading, most often the system will offer you the role of the one who guessed. Compete with other participants and try to solve as quickly as possible what the master is trying to portray. That's all the rules of the game.