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Grogg Io

Grogg Io - a new and awesome game about pirates. You want to run and shoot, or maybe you like to swim on the sea and shoot? You no longer have to choose. In the game, Grogg Io combined ooba mode. And navigation in a pirate style, and shooting on land. The game is not very popular yet, but gain popularity very quickly, because it has beautiful graphics, there are no lags and adrenaline full of pockets. Although we have one foot, we move very fast and shoot, enemies are everywhere, both on land and at sea. In order to get on the ship, we do not need to do anything. And the grate automatically transplants us to the captain's bridge of the ship, and also back to the land.

How to play Grogg Io?

Management is simple. Run letters, shoot with a space or left mouse button, dig the ground to find gold right mouse button

Alternative names:Grogio,Grog io, groggoi, Grogzio, Grogio