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Hole io 3d - original android game is now available in browsers. In the game you will control the black hole, and absorb everything in its path. This is a 3D version of the game Hole.io with a similar title. The rules are the same, the conditions are the same, but everything is more concise and more modern. We are so eee given two minutes for the round. We have to eat as much as possible and at the same time grow to huge sizes.

How to play Hole io 3D

In the game we start playing with a very small black hole, but gradually weaving small things first and then polish, we begin to grow. Later we start to eat other black holes, becoming cannibals. Our most important task is to sow fear and destruction in cities and megacities. Eating people, cars, houses, we grow, and we become more massive and stronger, but the rival does not sleep, and we need to be faster and stronger.