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A black hole or just a hole is a game that first appeared on the android platform. And quickly there won popularity. Since it is very easy to manage and interesting on the idea. This game is somewhat like Agario, but with its differences. Our task is the same. We must eat everything and at the same time should not be eated another players.

How to play in holeIo

. The control is the simplest on the WASD keyboard to move. We should eat everything that is on our way, buildings, objects, and become more and more, but do not be too risky. The game also has our rivals, namely other black holes, and they can be very tricky and dangerous. Beware of dangers and be alert. Everyone knows that in the center of each galaxy there are large black holes. Which absorb everything that they fall into. Swallowed irretrievably and without pivot. Any atom that podaget beyond the horizon is an event, the so-called boundary between ordinary space and the space of a black hole, any atom goes into a black hole irrevocably and forever. The black hole is the most dangerous object of our galaxy. Be afraid of chenille holes.

Alternative names: hole-io, holeio, blackholeio, black holeio, black hole io, blackholzio, black holeio online