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 Game "Krunker" is a browser-based Counter Strike (CS GO), or rather its high-quality copy, which works directly in the browser and does not require separate settings on the PC. Also here you can find small similarities with the toy "Pixel War". Fans of online shooters expect an exciting war and naturally serious rivals, gathered from different zones of the planet. Each warrior tries to demonstrate combat skills and tries to survive in the fierce battles of the multiplayer type, just like in the "Shell Shocker"

How to play Krunker Io?

Give the fighter a pseudonym, set up a schedule, select a character and start a bloody massacre. Avoid encounters with professionals, if not enough experience and accuracy of shooting is not yet perfected to the ideal. You can experiment with tactics, but the best is attack.

Control: recharge - R,
Mouse - aiming,
Left click - fire,
WASD - movement,
SHIFT - squat,
Jump - space.

Alternative names: Krunkerio, Krunker io, Kranker, Counter io, Strike io, Krunk, Kranker