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About game.

Kruntio is a new super game from family of Battle Royale games and PUGB. In game Krunt io many new features, for example fact that game is 2d and you can jump all way. Try to play this shooter and you really like it.

How to play game ?

The game Krunt io cool graphics, great online, and super interesting gameplay. Our combat mission in Croft is to be the last one alive in the game. There are a lot of differences from other games of the battle of the genre, but we, like everywhere else, very quickly get weapons from the boxes, and at the maximum kill more enemies. The first difference is water, it accelerates you. In the houses you can hide. You can also jump over obstacles and jump over bullets. On the left side of the screen you see your stock of wood. Press the Q button to build a barrier that will protect you from a pair of shots. But it is worth remembering that the thicker the wall, the harder it is to reach you and hit you. This is already a real Fortnite.

Control in!

You can leave the space between the junctions of the walls to shoot through it. And if you play with friends, you can build a real military fort for defense. To find a new weapon you need to move around the map, and search for boxes. There are also cars that you can drive, and even crush enemies. But it is worth remembering that the machine is vulnerable, and if the enemy hits it, it will hit you.

  • -WASD + space for movement
  • -Click to shoot
  • -Q to build
  • -1-6 to switch weapons
  • -E to interact
  • Alternative names : Fortnite online, Krunt.oi, Kruntio

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