Counter Strike Battle Royale
Counter Strike Battle Royale
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Loons.io game about war on air balloons. Our weapons are cacti and bombs. Game 2d and has its own style, so that may not like everyone. But if you need something to play in loons.io really like.

How to play?

We fly on balloons around the islands. With us, fly other balloons of opponents. We throw cactuses into each other. One hit is tantamount to death. There is also the possibility for buying coins to buy super bombs, the button for buying and switching between projectiles is at the bottom of the screen.

The islands periodically throw out coins, they need to be collected. Also, coins drop out of dead opponents. For coins, we can pump our air balloon. In the lower left corner there are characteristics. You can pump through the speed of flight, recharge.


It is also worth remembering and reckoning that cacti ejected by us and the cacti of the enemy collide and fly away from each other. You also can not get on your own cacti, they also kill. Good luck in loons.io.