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MicroGravity io

MicroGravity io

MicroGravity io in this game are collected different genres, such as shooter, strategy. An important part of the game MicroGravity io is gravity, and its impact on the players.

Our task in the game is to capture as much as possible the biggest piece of space under our influence. The game universe is full of planets, the steepest planet is in the center. First you need to colonize some planet. To do this, you need to build a city there. There are 4 types of buildings in the game. These are Protective constructions, Production buildings, Mines and factories. Mines and combines allow to extract resources (oil, metal and uranium). Production is necessary for the production of weapons, all according to the standards of military strategies.

In order to build us we need resources, so do not forget about the mines. As an important moment in the game, you can unite with other players in the alliance. And together it is always easier and more interesting to fight than alone.


-WASD or arrows to navigate
-Mouse for aiming
-Left click or Spacebar to shoot
-Shift for acceleration
-T or Enter for chat
-QE or numeric buttons for switching between weapons
-Right click for direct traction
-Click on the wheel for reverse traction
- R for the window with alliances