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War Attack

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Hi, there. Mwar io one of the best i games about mages at this moment. The game is multiplayer and came out first on the Asian servers, which means that the game is great online. In this game, we really know what war is like by spells. A real war of magicians.

Our task in Mage War io is to kill our enemies, other magicians, in the small arena. For every battle and victory, we will receive points for which we can buy new interesting spells.

There are two modes in the game: FFA and Team. In this game, the battle with spells is like a real battle in the ring. That is, the spell must also get into the crap. Against all spells there are counter spells. It is also very important to have direct hands, good coordination and quick thinking.

Control in game

Control -Right click to move
-1-9 to cast any spells