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Paperio space

Paperio space new top io game from cool developers. Big online is already at the start of the game, a lot of servers, and various bonuses. Grab your terectorium at wiht us.

This is a new game in the style of splixio or hexario. Our squeeze, to capture as much land as possible, while we need to be as insistent and accurate as possible.

How to play Paperio space?

We all start with a small island, and we need to gradually increase our holdings. But to crash into no one else, you should not allow someone to crash into our tail. The strip that we leave behind is very important for us. Also, it is impossible to attack our own tail, it will also lead to the death of Nashets. When we are in our territory, we are in complete safety.

Control in Paperio space is the easiest. We control ourselves with arrows or WASD. The game of agility and speed of thinking. As many games you can find on our website