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Pike rush io is a classic Io style game

Pikerush io

Pike rush io is a classic Io style game with a warrior and a spade in his hand. The game on the likeness of Pikes.io, here the elementary rules, the constant pumping and the murder of dozens of rivals!

How to play Pike rush io

A combat mission in PikeRush.io was to be higher in the list of the best players (well, that's not surprising), and yet we must not die, because after all we have to start over again. In parallel with the killings of players, we must collect color points. The points will be given to us for acceleration. With each new peak of your personage, it becomes longer, and we are already smaller in terms of the level of rivals. The most important thing is that Pikerush io is a response, it is very important to react as quickly as possible to rivals. Use an acceleration booster to overtake them. Collect the experience points left after the defeated enemy. And if they destroyed you, do not despair and again engage in a fight!

Control in Pikerush io

Character moves behind cursor mouse Click mouse to accelerate movement

Alternative names: PikeRushio, PikeRush-io, Pike Rush io, PikeRush.oi, RushPike.io.