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Quake 3 io js

Quake 3 io js. Quake 3 is returned. A cult game in the browser. Quake 3 io - reincarnation of the legendary PC game Quake 3. Io version turned out very cool, with the same chic graphics and the speed of the game itself Now this game is available on the Java script, which means that we can all play in the favorite game of millions of people right in the browser, without installation. Now this is a real game.  The game is developed using HTML5 technology and a Java script, and is available to us with the help of GitHub.

On the start page, we should scroll to the bottom and choose a mode like us and with whom we want to play. Choose a map, number of bots. The game is not completely the same as the full version, but the engine is very similar. Playing you do not notice the difference. To be honest, I'm delighted by the fact that Quake 3 can be so easy to play in an online browser.

How to play Quake 3 js io

"WASD" for movement "Spacebar" for jumping "Click" for shooting "Right click" for sight "1-9" to switch weapons

Quake io is a full and even improved version of the game Quake 3. Collect weapons. Aim precisely in the head Kill the enemies, hit the most frags.
Alternative names: kwaka io, quakek io, quake 3, kwakek online, quake3 online, quake io, quake 3 online