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Relmz io - mini mmo RPG World Of Warcraft. - play online

About Relmz io

Relmz is the new online rpg game in the browser. Designed in the style of the Warcraft. Explore the world, kill dangerous monsters and get a good loot for it. Killing monsters, our level and strength are growing. Find beautiful weapons and decorate your character.


Click the mouse in the desired direction of movement, just like to check the bag button E, there is no overload, and can we walk, however this procedure is the standard for many RPGs Strategies

Add items to the quick access line (hotbar), this will save your life. Pay attention to what is written on the weapon, some weapons are special and have special properties. Your personage is automatically saved, the main thing is to remember the password and login to personage at the first login. If you die, you lose experience and glory. Good luck on the battlefield, before the meeting!