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Rusna io

Rusna io is a 3D survival game in the spirit of Starve io. But visually the game looks very original. 3 do games is a new branch in the development of games and, over time, they will become better and better.  How to play Our most important task is to survive, because the game is to survive. We constantly need to monitor the characteristics of your personage, which are in the lower left corner of the screen (health, endurance, hunger, thirst and warmth).

We must constantly monitor all indicators, because we can freeze and die of hunger, and thirst is also very dangerous. To warm up you need to stand by the fire, to get a drink of water you need to go to the water or drink from a jar. To get food, you need to hunt monsters who live on the map. The entire drop from the killed mob gets the one who finished it, that is, it struck the last blow. All that we got is in our inventory.

To get the resources you need to cut a tree or to extract ore from a stone. In order to enter the game, click on the "Server 1" button.

Very soon you will understand that killing all other players is not the most correct idea, and sometimes you need to compromise and sit by someone else's fire or invite someone to visit.

Control in Rusna io

WASD to move Spacebar to accelerate
E to enter inventory
Left click to attack, extract resources and otherwise interact with objects
Right click to clear selection