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Slimes io

Hello everyone, a new game from the company Clown Games was released. The new game is very bright and interesting. The game is called Slimes Io. We play for a color jelly cube and our task is to leave a mark on the game map.

How to play Slimes Io.

Our main task is to colorize as much as possible a piece of the map for the time allotted to us for the round. As a result, whoever has a larger percentage of the captured card, he wins. But everything is really not so simple, what we painted over, can paint over and someone else, you have to be careful and cunning.

There is one more important point in Slyms. For as long as we paint a card, we gain experience, and we can increase our level, after which our jelly cube increases in size, and we begin to paint more and more. And from this moment we can crush cubes that are smaller than us, well, it's also worth to be afraid of cubes that are bigger than us.

Control in Slimes Io is very simple. Mouse and nothing more. The game is very beautiful, fast and interesting, playing it with friends is very fun.

Alternate titles:, Slimesio, Slime io,