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StarJack io

StarJack io is a steep space online strategy. This is a new game from the developers of the game Our task is to capture empty planets, and then the enemy's planets, without forgetting about the defense of their planets.

To start the game we go into the lobby and wait for the opponent, as well as the ability to add bots. The game begins if there are at least three players.

How to play StarJack io

So the game in StarJack io begins with the fact that you have one planet - your base, which produces space attack aircraft. Around there are many different planets, and we first build bases on free planets ,. To capture the planet you need to send your ships there. After which each captured planet builds its ships and our army grows

 It is important to pay attention to the fact that the planets have special skills, each different. To activate the ability of the planet, you need to click on it and then on the icon of emotion. Do not stride to win for the first time. The game StarJack io is not so simple, first you need to understand all the intricacies of the game. Good luck. 

Alternate titles: Star Jack io, Star Jackio, Stars Jack io, StarJackio