Surviv io

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Surviv io

Surviv io | Surviv Io - a successful variation of PUBG and Fortnight. And pretty decent clone should be said. The Battle Royale mode means only one, the strongest will survive. We are invited to take part in the survival, because only one player will remain. The difference between Surviv and Pubg is not a long wait. We are immediately thrown into battle. Collect weapons, kill other players, survive, occupy the top. And do not forget to break the boxes and inspect the buildings.

Are you ready to awaken the ancient instincts? The new royal battle will begin in, a steep 2D survival game in the spirit of PUBG. In this harsh world, only friends are a shotgun and equipment for protection. Time on the battlefield flows through your fingers. The red zone narrows the space for maneuver. We must stay away from her at all costs.

In you play against a dozen other players. Act quickly and do not lose your vigilance. Enemies catch suddenly! Ammunition, weapons and bulletproof vests help survive and inflict damage on opponents. Keep track of the number of cartridges in the cage and health. First-aid kits with bandages can save lives. Try to collect more items. The winner of the match will be the last player, whose clawed death bypassed.

Control in Surviv io:

W A S D - move
Left mouse button - shoot
F - take the item

Alternative names: Survive, Surviveio, Survivio, Survive oi