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War scrap io

Cool game Warscrap.io in which we, together with other players are fighting against aliens, and our task in Warscrap.io not to let aliens capture our planet.

You are a soldier and your task is to fight at all costs. But it's dangerous and difficult, but your soldier is very brave and can overcome the fear of war. As adversaries, you will have aliens who really want to destroy everything by ways and humanity in particular. Since the game is multiplayer and online, then our allies are other real players from around the world.

Control in War scrap io:

Arrows - movement, mouse - shoot. Spacebar - jump, Right click - change weapon

The game "Warscrap.io" is an interesting 3D shooter. You are a warrior of interplanetary war, and you have to protect yourself, your planet, your family and ordinary people, from attack space aliens.

Alternative names: var io, scrapio, varscrapio, vars, warscrapio