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Wormate.io - control worms is very interesting, you probably already had time to be convinced of it if you are familiar with numerous IO projects. Today you will again have a chance to control the worm and help it grow, but this time you will not have to eat like yourself, but various delicacies and sweets: cupcakes, sugar candies, ice cream, chocolate sweets, toffee and so on.

How to play Wormate.io?

The more you eat, the bigger you become. But, as always, you will have many competitors who also want to taste sweets and add weight. With them you will have to compete in speed, and also you can attack small worms, if the victory smiles to you, new wines will drop out of the defeated worm, eat them and continue the way, and collect bonuses, for example, invulnerability. Wormate.io - best io snake game in gaming world