Worms Zone

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Worms Zone io

Worms Zone is a multifunctional game about worms and snakes in the style of Slither io. The game is full of modes, boosters and wild worms, with which you will have to fight. If a worm in the Worms Zone hits its head in the opponent's torso or the edge of the map, it breaks up into all the food that it has absorbed. It's time for a feast! Collect these glasses sooner, until they are hit by other worms. To combat them you have acceleration. It is activated by clicking. Three game modes are available. For a while, Classical, or with assignments.

Control in Worms Zoneio

Control The worm moves behind the cursor Click to accelerate. The game task in the Worm Zone varies depending on the mod. In the classical version, you need to collect as much mass as possible, eating the cool chuvaks - emoji. On the field are also booster, which you will increase your chances of winning. But the most points you will collect, if you fight with other worms! Acceleration burns gradually your glasses, but it does not matter. The important thing is that on acceleration the worm is poorly listened and you may not have time to react and crash into the enemy. So use it carefully! In the Worms Zone, there are three game modes: Classic, Quests and Boundless. By and large, they do not differ much from each other: everywhere you need to react quickly, fight and eat food. But try them all; in everyone there is a highlight.