X ball io

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X ball io

X ball io is a game of domestic football. Cool new game with a good atmosphere and idea. Recommended for all football fans. Good management and implementation of ideas in the online game Xball.io

How to play X ball io ?

The game goal in Ixball and in any football simulator is to score as many goals as possible in the opponent's goal. At this point in the game the coolest and most hectic graphics among all online football simulators in the browser. Control the ball really at a steep level. Each player has the opportunity to speed up by pressing the Shift key. To replenish the reserve of speed you need to go to the edge of the football field to the glowing balls. In this game, the booster burns out pretty quickly, and most importantly it is a combination of short-term accelerations with the overall control of the ball.

Controli in game X ball io

The football player moves behind the mouse cursor.
Left click to hit the ball.
Right click - roll by another player.
Hold left button for a strong strike.
Spacebar - pushes the ball up.
Shift - speed up the run.