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How to play ?
Zombz Royale io | Play free online game | Pc-mobile-games.com

Zombz Royale io | Zombsroyale.io

Zombz Royale io | Zombsroyale.io - fantastic online game in the style of PUGB and Fortenight, only in 2D mode and in the browser. The meaning is the same, we first 100, we will survive only one. We land on the map and start a brutal battle, the strongest and most clever and cunning player survives.

Zombz Royale io | Zombsroyale.io

Control in game is very easy. There are tips in the game but just in case the control buttons on the picture below. For a successful game you need to be very active, constantly move, look for weapons, it has, by the way, ranks, from the simplest so-called weapon to legendary and mythical. So we actively open doors and drawers, think with our heads and shoot accurately. Good luck.

UPD: In August 2018, the game was a massive update. There was a mode 50 against 50. Try, the game is really very cool as for the browser. My opinion is that Zombia Royal is the coolest game in the world at the moment in the browser.

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